Awake … open … speak!

Rudolph, Charlie Brown, Clarence the angel … these are just some of the beloved characters that come home to us each holiday season via television. And even though we no longer hear his melodic voice, the pioneering work of John Cardinal Foley in television allows us to partake of the liturgical beauty of the Christmas […]

George Bailey and The Little Way

This Christmas season I’m sure it would be safe to guess that many Americans will settle down and watch an American Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. The story is heartwarming and familiar. The movie is not of stunning production quality, it is not a grand epic, and it is not even in color. What […]

The Pope’s Revolution

“The pope and the communications revolution one year later” is the subtitle of a new book by the director of Vatican Radio. After reviewing all of the Pope’s interactions with journalists, Massimo Enrico Milone  argues that, while the message is in continuity with previous popes, the modality, style, and objectives are revolutionary. Below are six […]

The Kings of Leon and Christianity

I was inspired to write this article based off of a conversation I recently had with someone at a party. It’s amazing how God works; He’s constantly speaking to us even when we least expect it. The conversation was about one of my favorite bands, The Kings of Leon. The Kings of Leon are a […]

Conservatism and Spirituality

Uncommon Knowledge—a program put online by the Hoover Institution—has quickly become my go-to set of YouTube videos. In fact, the Archbishop was a featured guest during his time in Denver. The program is moderated by Peter Robinson, the man responsible for Ronald Reagan’s legendary words “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” During one particular program […]

The power of story-telling

With this week’s change of liturgical seasons, we conclude our series on Fr. Antonio Spadaro’s challenges to pastoral work and evangelization in the age of digital communications. For Spadaro, the fifth challenge for evangelization today is to move from ideas to story-telling. He points out that in the digital world, communication happens by way of […]