It no longer bothered Angelo to think of the Battle, now that he stood in God’s Presence. Complete love and satisfaction flooded his being; here, he could follow the greatest Commander of all, as was his nature. All the other angels thronged the heavenly court, flashing off the sea of glass and hiding their […]

Politics and The Pulpit

It is almost a truism to say that America is increasingly divided along partisan lines. In 2016, nearly a majority of Democrats and Republicans claimed to be afraid of the other party’s victory in the election. Parents are more afraid of their child dating and marrying a person of the opposite party than of a […]

Once Upon an Aevum: Part II.

 Jupiter again opened his mouth in protest, “You, who dwell in unapproachable light, would allow these slime-devils to offend you? What God are you, who accept such?” But Lucifer, brightest of the Seraphim and executive lord of the entire orb, quieted his protests with a glance. Despite the immense difference in height, Angelo felt Lucifer’s […]

Once Upon An Aevum: Part I.

The following post is the first part of a short story in honor of the Holy Guardian Angels.  It will be continued next week. “Do you suppose it could be a simple acquiescence, an offering up of autonomy?” Angelo stood, waiting silently, and did not respond to Sacerdos’ query. He didn’t understand why his higher-ranking friend […]

Pope Benedict XVI, Easter Vigil 2007

The Church Problem is a Liturgy Problem

I hope that the title of this post grabbed your attention – perhaps your first thought was something like, “In the aftermath of such great scandal, the revelation of the heinous acts of priests upon innocent victims, the coverup, and so much more, some idealistic seminarian wants to convince me that arcane adjustments to Sunday […]

Read Well and Live

Deacon Koehr delivered a version of this homily for the men preparing to receive the Ministry of Lector this year.  He preached at the Holy Hour for the candidates preceding their Installation Mass. One of the most exhilarating movies in Hollywood history is a film called Ben-Hur.  I’m talking about the 1959 version with Charlton […]