Building the “Beloved Community” in 2018

As we gather to reflect on the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we recognize that there are many sad divisions which continue to persist in our country. If we are honest with ourselves, we might say that since the last time we commemorated Dr. King’s birthday, these divisions have only become […]

This Christmas, ask for coal

The traditions are wonderful this time of year. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Elf on a shelf. Seven fishes. And every kid’s nightmare – coal in the stocking! The tradition has gone down through the ages that Santa Claus is going to come down your chimney while you are sleeping and – if you […]

London shopping

Raging against the holiday

The headline hurts:  “Hate Christmas?” The sub-title offers a response:  “There’s a ‘rage room’ to let out holiday stress.” Utterly ridiculous?!  Or might it be perfectly logical? For just one day (last Monday), Londoners got to experience “Rudolph’s Rage Room.” There, for just $25 (more rage), they could go underground to vent their frustrations at […]

Why is Catholicism any more right than any other religion?

To most contemporary people, many of the claims of Christianity in general and of Catholicism in particular can only come off as hopelessly cruel or arrogant. It is the second category which prompts the question at issue here. How dare Catholics claim that they alone among the billions of people who have ever lived have […]

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Get more, get merrier?

I just spotted an advertisement for Fios which shows what may be a teenage boy or girl (I cannot tell because the person’s face is covered by a virtual reality headset) staring up at the ceiling, or rather into the virtual world they are in, relaxing in plaid pajamas. And the caption reads: “Get more. […]

The Extraordinary Form – Essential?

To answer the question posed in our conversation – namely, Is the Extraordinary Form of the Mass essential to the life of the Church today? – it might be helpful to examine what we mean by essential. On a very basic level, the Church would exist – and did exist for a very long time […]

Want to change the world? Make your bed!

OK, OK!  If you’re a seminarian from Saint Charles Seminary reading this post, you’re saying to yourself, “OK, Deacon Brandon… what gives?!  We’ve heard this when Father Dailey preached during Forty Hours!”  Yes, it’s true.  HOWEVER, on the recommendation of Father Redcay, the pastor at my diaconate assignment, I picked up a copy of Admiral […]