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Faith resting on a “third stool”

There’s been a hullaballoo about Civilta Cattolica and its article criticizing the “ecumenism of hate” spawned by a supposed Evangelical-Catholic alignment of religion and politics in the USA. Two key reasons for the frenzy of commentary are the semi-official status of the publication (whose contents are pre-approved by the Vatican’s Secretariat of State) and the […]


Integrare Sacerdos: To Make the Priest Whole

It takes a real man to be a Catholic priest—and I don’t mean that in the stoic, chest-beating sense. What I mean is that the Catholic priesthood authentically engages all of what it means to be a man. The priesthood builds upon the natural desires of the masculine heart. Those deep-down, built-in desires are for […]


Blowing up the Internet!

That was actually a thought proposed by a friend of mine.  She’s kidding, of course.  At least, I hope! Actually I’m sure she is, because otherwise her cleverly nostalgic and culturally insightful “old news” feed would disappear.  Besides, I don’t think she means for me to get fired from a job that I just took […]


To pray is to desire

St. Augustine beautifully expresses a principle that is well known to the spiritual masters, namely that desire is essential, in the following words: “For it is your heart’s desire that is your prayer; and if your desire continues uninterrupted, your prayer continues also.” Recently I have been re-reading St. Theresé of Lisieux’s Story of a Soul and I […]


Moving out … online

With more than 60 boxes and a dozen crates of file folders (the fruits of 29 years of university teaching!), it was time to move from Center Valley to my new residence at Saint Charles Seminary in Philadelphia, there to assume full-time the role of the John Cardinal Foley Chair of Homiletics & Social Communications. […]

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6 Things I learned from Syrian Refugees

I had the privilege of going on a week-long trip to Lebanon and Jordan with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) at the beginning of June. The point of the trip was for seminarians and priests to better understand what CRS is and the work they do so that in the future parishioners would better understand CRS. […]