The Hope of March for Life

Each year when the March for Life pops-up on the calendar, it never fails to depress me. It’s a reminder of the tragedy of abortion in America, but what’s more macabre is that nothing has been done to stop it. March after March, for dozens of years, and still no results. No real federal legislation, […]

Are You Happy?

Normally college-age students get hammered with the same two or three questions during winter break from family: How’s college? Do you have a girlfriend? What’s your major? This break was different for me though, because it was my first one as a seminarian. Really the only question that I got from family (Catholic and non-Catholic) […]

The Courage of Simplicity

He said what?! That question is asked whenever Pope Francis speaks “off script.” He does this in his homilies at the Casa Santa Marta, which the Vatican describes as “daily meditations” so as to distinguish them from formal teachings. He does this in interviews with newspaper reporters, though these are usually reviewed prior to publication. […]

Today, not tomorrow

The first, second, and third-year college seminarians have recently finished their annual silent retreat, which was about the realist Salesian spirituality of St. Francis de Sales. The central point of the retreat was: “Be who you are and be that well.” Our retreat director, Rev. Thomas F. Dailey, O.S.F.S., spoke about how we are called […]

The Faces of Francis

The sagacious Vaticanista, John Allen, recently wrote about the power of the media’s narrative in shaping people’s perception of Pope Francis. “He’s seen as a peace-loving advocate for the poor and downtrodden, as well as a maverick reformer steering Catholicism in a broadly progressive direction.” (NOTE: John Allen is coming to Saint Charles Seminary on […]

When Nothing Else Is Enough

In order to fully appreciate Rev. Mr. Daniel Arechabala’s story, you have to begin before he was even born. “If you ask my father, he’ll tell you that he met my mom at a single’s club downtown,” said Deacon Arechabala with a smirk.  “If you ask my mother, she’ll tell you that she met my […]