The Triumph of Taney

I followed the meteoric rise of the Taney Dragons, the little league team from South Philadelphia, with great interest during the past month. This mixed-race, inner-city “rec league” travel team went from unknowns to icons in quick succession. For a nation gripped by the racially-charged unrest in Ferguson, Missouri at the same time, Taney stood […]

Trending Death

The news hasn’t been good.  Social media sites are replete witih messages about mortality. The more recent trend offers wide-ranging commentary on the death of Robin Williams.  Even the Vatican newspaper (L’Osservatore Romano) reported on it.  The news of his death was both sudden and sad.  Tweets and posts recall with appreciate fondness the joy […]

Cellular R-E-S-P-E-C-T

The Grammy-award winning song remains a hit long after its 1967 debut because it touches a chord in the human spirit.  Aretha Franklin sang it so – with vivacious voice and bountiful soul.  But she never did so while dining in a restaurant! Today is has become commonplace.  In the midst of a meal, a […]

Quo Vadis Days 2014

Earlier this month, the Vocations Office of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia hosted Quo Vadis days, a retreat for young men in high school aimed at helping them discover God’s will for their lives. Initially I was not looking forward to helping out on the retreat. I really started having second thoughts when literally five minutes […]

The Welcoming Farewell from Peru

As we drove into Villa Cerrillos, I wondered what exactly we had gotten ourselves into. Villa Cerrillos is a small area on the outskirts of Arequipa, Peru. In the United States, such an area is usually referred to as a suburb, complete with leafy roads, strip malls, and BMWs. But that is not the case […]

Evangelizing online

August is upon us … one last chance for that Summer vacation! Taking a virtual vacation from the usual blog posts, this one falls more under the rubric of marketing and promotion as we invite you to … save the date of October 18, 2014.  That’s when the John Cardinal Foley Chair of Homiletics and […]