The heart pulses through the eyes

The images remain horrifying.  Clashing groups of fellow citizens, illumined by torch lights reminiscent of dark ages past, come to blows with each other.  Cries of domestic terrorism ring out after bodies fly in the streets due to vehicular homicide. Racism rears its ugly head – again. Published statements decry the hatred and violence.  In […]


Someone has to make the call

As the summer season plays on, the technological imperative grows stronger.  That’s the belief – really an assumption – that if things can be done better by machines (i.e., more speedily, efficiently, or effectively), then they should be. It’s the conviction underlying AI, whose “artificial” nomenclature belies the real source of a machine’s “intelligence,” namely […]


The Hardest Part of Being a Seminarian

When I was on my CRS trip we had Mass with the Apostolic Nuncio of Lebanon Gabriele Giordano Caccia and he put his finger on something that I had been thinking a lot about this past year when he explained the relationship between knowledge and belief. It seems to me most people don’t really know […]

Why Should We Try Not to Sin? (Millennial Question #1)

If God is all-forgiving, why should we try not to sin, since we know he’ll forgive us no matter what we do? [Ed. note: This is the first in a project I’m calling “Searching for Reality: Questions Millennials Ask Their Seminarian Friend.” I will attempt to answer as many of these as possible in the […]


Driving under the spell

There’s a new kind of DUI.  But it concerns an entirely different influence that affects driving and could lead to a criminal citation. This week the governor of New York announced a review process to examine use of a “Textalyzer” to crack down on what so many motorists seem to do harmlessly.  But the data […]

CivCatt abbonamenti-small

Faith resting on a “third stool”

There’s been a hullaballoo about Civilta Cattolica and its article criticizing the “ecumenism of hate” spawned by a supposed Evangelical-Catholic alignment of religion and politics in the USA. Two key reasons for the frenzy of commentary are the semi-official status of the publication (whose contents are pre-approved by the Vatican’s Secretariat of State) and the […]