For a Christian, the world’s problems are already solved

I’ve never been a huge G.K. Chesterton fan. Not because I don’t like him, but because I just haven’t taken the time to explore his life or thought in detail. I do know that he seems to have something of a cult following in Catholic circles, especially among converts. But he’s been popping up in […]

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Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom At Wedding

What Makes A Perfect Wedding

“I want the wedding to be so beautiful that it converts everybody.” That was my sister’s wish for her wedding that happened last week. I had been to a wedding before, but that was a while ago, and I was too young to realize how moving a marriage is. When my sister came down the […]

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The End of Community?

I did something the other day that I don’t frequently do anymore. I bought a pair of shoes. In the store. From a real, live human being. Like many people, this process of walking into stores has become less and less frequent for me. I mean, how could it not? You can purchase everything online, […]


The Vicar’s Visage

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words.  Not always. But at least as many words have been used to comment on the pope’s seemingly dour countenance in his meeting with the U.S. president.  Past photos from comparable state visits have been posted to suggest a contrarian, if not downright sinister, take on this […]

2017 Concursus Address: “Why are we here?”

Archbishop Chaput, Justice Alito, Bishops, Priests and Religious, Administration and Faculty, Brother Seminarians, Family and Friends, Why are we here? This was the question posed to us at the beginning of the school year and one that we have been asked to ponder. If you will permit me, I would like to attempt an answer. […]


“Castaway” and Letting Go

When things begin to get tough the question of “what if I just give up and turn around?” seems to come to mind. Giving up seems to be the best decision at hand. It would be the easiest route, and, I mean, what’s the point of finishing this silly tough task anyway, right? I felt this […]


Phigiting in Church

Troublesome toddlers are routine fodder for commentary on church-going etiquette.  Should they have a place in the pew or be sequestered for the peace of the rest of the congregation?  Is their crying out loud a distraction that creates angst for parents and pray-ers, or a sublime disclosure of the divine voice, as Pope Francis […]