Priesthood: Not a Job for the Past

Good Evening! On this night when we gather in support of the Seminary’s mission, I thought it might be helpful to remind ourselves what that mission is. Pope Benedict XVI several years ago wrote a beautiful letter to seminarians around the world. I was not a seminarian yet – I was still an undergraduate at […]

Ojo de la Tormenta

La Fe en el Ojo de la Tormenta/Faith in the Eye of the Storm

Con los recientes acontecimientos que están pasando en nuestro mundo, decidí reflexionar sobre un par de cosas: Desafortunadamente, cuando nos encontramos en situaciones en las cuales las cosas se salen de nuestras propias manos y nos sentimos impotentes al no poder resolver los problemas, ahí es únicamente cuando salimos corriendo tras la misericordia y la […]

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Angelic aid to counter “fake news”

As is customary, the theme for the next World Day of Social Communications is made known on today’s feast of the three archangels (September 29).  With the mighty ministrations of heavenly messengers, the theme appears to have a celestial character while it focuses on a profound human need. That theme – “’The truth will set […]


Taking a stand on language

Weighing in on the controversy du jour, this post isn’t about racism or patriotism, about athletes or presidents, or even about Francis Scott Key’s song.  In all the hullabaloo about the Star-Spangled Banner, there seems to be a more basic disconnect — over the language we use. President Trump has thrown down another proverbial gauntlet […]


La Verdadera Identidad del Cristiano/The true identity of the Christian

La Verdadera Identidad del Cristiano “Muchos piensan de manera diferente, se sienten diferente, procuran a Dios o encuentran a Dios de manera diferente. En esta multitud, esta variedad de religiones solo haz una certeza que tenemos para todos: ‘Somos todos hijos de Dios.” Papa Francisco. La palabra cristiano señala a una persona que ama y […]

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Bring back the space

Hashtags abound, and no longer just in cyberspace. Even the Phillies AAA affiliate jumped on the tagging bandwagon with their giveaway towels for fans at the ballpark.  Realizing that most of the players who propelled the team into the playoffs were now playing for the major league team, they came up with this rallying cry:  […]

Barrett, Jenkins, and the Test of Faith

I was disturbed but completely unsurprised to hear about the recent interrogation of Professor Amy Coney Barrett of Notre Dame Law School by Senator Diane Feinstein, the distinguished senior senator from California. Professor Barrett was nominated by President Trump to the Seventh Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals. I admit that being a […]