Why Pain?

What seems to me to be the only good argument against God’s existence is the problem of pain. It’s always expressed along these lines: If God is all good and all powerful then there could never be pain. If God is all good then he would want to stop the pain, and if he were […]

Polls, Pews, and the Catholic Pulse

Has Pope Francis quickened the pulse of the Church? His name has been associated with new directions, but has he made any real difference? The latest PEW research, conducted in February on a national scale, points to high favorability rating (90%) among a broad-based sample. But it did not address whether popularity has led more […]

What’s up with that Pope?

Being a seminarian, the topic of conversation among people I run into, be it at a family gathering or visiting high school friends, always ends up being Pope Francis. Most of the conversations tend to reflect the latest news story regarding the Pope. Either the dogs in heaven, or the rebuke of the Curia, or […]

Chip Kelly: Coach or Mad Scientist?

“What is Chip Kelly doing?” This has been the most frequently asked question on T.V., Radio, Twitter, Facebook, and NFL blogs this week. It all started at 4:01 p.m. on March 10 when it was announced that the Philadelphia Eagles traded quarterback Nick Foles, a 2nd round pick in the 2016 NFL draft, and a […]

The free-spirited pope

In last week’s post, I highlighted a new book – The Francis Miracle, by John Allen, Jr.  In the 2015 John Cardinal Foley Lecture and in an article about the book, Allen explains that the title refers to the dramatic change in personality between Cardinal Bergoglio and Pope Francis. Allen quotes the Holy Father as […]

Faith and Football

I recently saw a film inspired by a true story called When the Game Stands Tall, which depicts the De La Salle High School football team’s earth-shattering loss after a record 151 game winning streak. The message was that it’s not so much falling down that matters, but it is how you get back up – […]