A Priest’s First Year: Interview with Father Tom Viviano

Father Thomas Viviano was born in Abington in Montgomery County and attended Saint John Bosco Elementary School and Archbishop Wood High School, both in Bucks County. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree at DeSales before entering Saint Charles.  Father Thomas Viviano was ordained to the priesthood Saturday, May 18, 2013 and is as parochial […]

“Love Your People”

In the past few weeks, as I approach my ordination as a deacon, I have noticed many people offering me some great advice.  What is interesting is how similar this advice is and how important the message is.  Many have used the exact same words: “love your people.”  I have heard this advice from friends, […]

A Gospel giveaway

Approaching Holy Week, we will soon hear again the master narratives of the Lord’s Passion and Resurrection.  On these grand events Christianity is founded.  By their telling, it continues to inspire the world. To promote the reception of that Holy Word, Pope Francis last week distributed several thousand pocket-sized versions of the Gospels to those […]

Theotokos and Theodicy

Setting aside the issue of sin as a result of our free will, which God strictly respects, how can an all-loving God allow seemingly senseless evil? Look nowhere else than the cross, where God was crucified to conquer evil. And when we unite ourselves to him, good can spring from it. But even after his […]