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This Christmas, ask for coal

The traditions are wonderful this time of year. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Elf on a shelf. Seven fishes. And every kid’s nightmare – coal in the stocking! The tradition has gone down through the ages that Santa Claus is going to come down your chimney while you are sleeping and – if you […]

Get more, get merrier?

I just spotted an advertisement for Fios which shows what may be a teenage boy or girl (I cannot tell because the person’s face is covered by a virtual reality headset) staring up at the ceiling, or rather into the virtual world they are in, relaxing in plaid pajamas. And the caption reads: “Get more. […]

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know

It was a simple ambition, and the steps were in place. Ever since I was a child, I kept my sights on the spotlight, feeding my imagination with dreams of being on stage and screen. I was already on my way when I was nine, playing the character Buddy in A Christmas Memory. But as […]


Benedict Groeschel’s Last Lesson

I met Benedict Groeschel for the first time at his funeral. I did not get to speak to him, and he did not know my name. Though if I trust the prayers of the friars whom I also got to call classmates, he may have heard of me. But, entering the cathedral in Newark was […]