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  It no longer bothered Angelo to think of the Battle, now that he stood in God’s Presence. Complete love and satisfaction flooded his being; here, he could follow the greatest Commander of all, as was his nature. All the other angels thronged the heavenly court, flashing off the sea of glass and hiding their […]

Once Upon an Aevum: Part II.

 Jupiter again opened his mouth in protest, “You, who dwell in unapproachable light, would allow these slime-devils to offend you? What God are you, who accept such?” But Lucifer, brightest of the Seraphim and executive lord of the entire orb, quieted his protests with a glance. Despite the immense difference in height, Angelo felt Lucifer’s […]

Once Upon An Aevum: Part I.

The following post is the first part of a short story in honor of the Holy Guardian Angels.  It will be continued next week. “Do you suppose it could be a simple acquiescence, an offering up of autonomy?” Angelo stood, waiting silently, and did not respond to Sacerdos’ query. He didn’t understand why his higher-ranking friend […]