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A Farewell from the Editor

Transitions are messy. Let’s face it, transitions are messy. Someone told me that in college, and my life experience before and after has confirmed the truth of this remark. They can be physically messy, as in when one must physically move items from one place to another. They can be emotionally messy, because people – […]

Statistics, Praxis, and Teaching on Birth Control

In April’s edition of First Things, Mary Eberstadt presents a compelling case for the continuing relevance of Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae, despite its continual disparagement from both outside the Church and inside (particularly in the last few years). She notes toward the end that the Episcopal Church in the United States, which basically embraced the […]

Liberalism’s Crisis Point and the Church’s Response

I just read about an app called Designed to be a hub for aspiring performers to share their talents with others, it also serves as a playground for perverts, a soundboard for hatred and caustic humor, and a place where children display evidence of self-harm and feelings of despair. Indeed, this is just one […]

4106_D023_00001_R_CROPLily James stars as Elizabeth Layton and Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in director Joe Wright's DARKEST HOUR, a Focus Features release.Credit:  Jack English / Focus Features

“Darkest Hour” and the Power of Words

I went to see Darkest Hour recently. As a captivating piece of cinema, it is superb. Gary Oldman turns in a masterful performance as Winston Churchill, with a fine cast supporting him like spokes on a bicycle wheel. I couldn’t believe that two hours had passed when the movie ended: I could have easily done another 45 […]

Triumphs, the Eagles, and Sunday Mass

It was a triumph. The Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl win unleashed an unprecedented amount of civic pride and communal celebration. The festivities began as soon as the pass from Tom Brady fell incomplete in front of the end zone at Super Bowl LII. It continued right through the gathering of 2 million people (or 700,000?) […]

A Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Gospel

I recently returned from ten days in Israel. Since returning, I have told everyone I’ve spoken with to go whenever they get the opportunity. The trip was especially moving for me only a few months out from ordination to the priesthood. My friend, Father Ryan Kaup, wrote a reflection on his journey to the Holy […]