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The Extraordinary Form – Essential?

To answer the question posed in our conversation – namely, Is the Extraordinary Form of the Mass essential to the life of the Church today? – it might be helpful to examine what we mean by essential. On a very basic level, the Church would exist – and did exist for a very long time […]

Priesthood: Not a Job for the Past

Good Evening! On this night when we gather in support of the Seminary’s mission, I thought it might be helpful to remind ourselves what that mission is. Pope Benedict XVI several years ago wrote a beautiful letter to seminarians around the world. I was not a seminarian yet – I was still an undergraduate at […]

Barrett, Jenkins, and the Test of Faith

I was disturbed but completely unsurprised to hear about the recent interrogation of Professor Amy Coney Barrett of Notre Dame Law School by Senator Diane Feinstein, the distinguished senior senator from California. Professor Barrett was nominated by President Trump to the Seventh Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals. I admit that being a […]


Virtue, Family, and the Death of Civility

I had two recent experiences that brought home to me a disturbing trend in our country. First, I walked into a PNC Bank, where a woman was sitting with her adolescent son. The tellers were occupied, or perhaps were ignoring her. That’s because she seemed to be a bit unstable. She started yelling and at […]

Why Should We Try Not to Sin? (Millennial Question #1)

If God is all-forgiving, why should we try not to sin, since we know he’ll forgive us no matter what we do? [Ed. note: This is the first in a project I’m calling “Searching for Reality: Questions Millennials Ask Their Seminarian Friend.” I will attempt to answer as many of these as possible in the […]

For a Christian, the world’s problems are already solved

I’ve never been a huge G.K. Chesterton fan. Not because I don’t like him, but because I just haven’t taken the time to explore his life or thought in detail. I do know that he seems to have something of a cult following in Catholic circles, especially among converts. But he’s been popping up in […]

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