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Angry Atheists and Closed-minded Christians

“Debates” about God’s existence between famous atheists and theists must take up half of all videos on YouTube. There’s hundreds of videos, each with millions of views, and I think that there’s two common threads in most of them: 1. the atmosphere of the “debates” is intense – there’s a lot of anger and hurt […]


What HBO Knows That Pro-Lifers Don’t

Growing up Catholic, being Pro-Life was just natural. In church, we were told that life begins at conception, and that it’s not OK to “abort” (which is really just a euphemism for “kill”) a baby. On top of it being breathed into me by Catholicism, I never came across a good logical reason to refute […]


The only way out of “Big Little Lies”

Big Little Lies is a new HBO series detailing the drama of a community of grade school moms in Monterey which is the epitome of a paradise. Everyone’s rich, powerful, beautiful, and have way too much time on their hands. It’s the lives that HBO seems to think that everyone wants. Everyone wants an ocean […]


In Defense of Millennials

Simon Sinek was featured in a video that became wildly popular on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. In his interview, he delineated a number of things about Millennials that all Millennials (if we’re honest) know are true. Things like Millennials were constantly told that they were “special,” and told that “they could have anything […]


The Case for “The Young Pope”

A lot of guys at the seminary have watched HBO’s new mini series The Young Pope starring Jude Law as the newly elected Pope Pius XIII. I finished the ten-episode season recently and, I have to say, it’s totally worth watching. It’s not worth watching because it’s edifying, or has a gripping plot, or because […]


Why It’s OK To Hit Rock Bottom

Walking into a prison has to be an eye opening experience for anybody. Most probably notice the tattoos and muscle mass, or the drab wall color, or the inhumaneness associated with the idea of imprisoning a human being. This year my apostolate every Thursday is the prison, and for me the thing that has hit […]