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Professor Andreas Widmer

Entrepreneurship and Vocation: An Interview with Professor Andreas Widmer

When a person takes his first job, he may not know exactly where it will lead him one day.  At least such was the case with Andreas Widmer, whose experience as a Swiss Guard for Pope Saint John Paul II (and witness to this pope’s tremendous leadership qualities) guided him to be a successful entrepreneur, […]

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Down Syndrome, Dignity, and Ethical Relativism

A recent opinion headline in The New York Times caught my eye: “The Ethical Case for Having a Baby with Down Syndrome.” Initially, I was taken off guard that a piece with such a loaded title would have passed their editorial board to publication. As I began to digest the article’s content, however, my hopeful […]

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

Bread Given for the Poor

About a month ago, I visited a college classmate of mine who now works in Manhattan. During my stay there, the city was practically frozen over after a snowstorm that closed its public schools. Though we trudged through nine inches of snow and ice to get from place to place, the trip was well worth […]

Bishop Edward Deliman

Bishop Edward Deliman: A Priest Forever

Edward Deliman’s office at Saint Charles Borromeo Rectory in Bensalem is where some of his essential pastoral work takes place: preparing homilies, counseling parishioners, holding meetings, and planning for the future of his congregation’s needs. This space is filled with reminders of his greatest influences and his life as a priest, including his parents’ wedding […]