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Forgetting to be a Christian

Being at St. Charles, older and more experienced seminarians are always offering advice about how to be a more authentic and discerning seminarian or just how to get through the many years of study and seminarian life. Some advice is certainly worth keeping and every now and then even worth living by. Recently, a long-time […]

keep calm

Being a Good Christian and a Good Hunter

There is no other feeling like the feeling we get from seizing an opportunity. It’s euphoric, all of the hours of hard work amounting to one moment where everything is on the line of winning or losing. It’s the climax, the split in the road where a major shift takes place. I have had a […]


“Castaway” and Letting Go

When things begin to get tough the question of “what if I just give up and turn around?” seems to come to mind. Giving up seems to be the best decision at hand. It would be the easiest route, and, I mean, what’s the point of finishing this silly tough task anyway, right? I felt this […]

Living in a Shadow

There are about 150 people at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, all being pulled from different areas of the country and the world. It would be quite rare that a new man entering had a good friend already at the seminary. The chances of having a brother at the seminary are even slimmer. Somehow my brother […]