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A God for all ages

How old is God?  Eternal, you might say.  But Pope Francis has another idea. For many, God is a being the concept of whom is too abstract to picture.  Sacred Scripture acknowledges that “no one has ever seen God” (John 1:18; 1 John 4:12).  Biblical narratives of an encounter with the first Person of the […]

John 8-32

Steps we can take to “remain” free

In a recent homily, one of our deacons publicly announced a literary lacuna on this blog site!  He told the congregation he could not find any post that offered “five easy steps” to put into practice the Gospel teaching in which Jesus proclaims that “the truth will set you free.” It’s good to know SemCasual […]


Let’s close the church doors

Years ago, when my mother lay in a hospital bed recuperating from a heart attack, she showed her couch habits. Without even thinking about it, she always had her legs crossed at the ankles. Whenever the cardiologist visited, upon his entry and exit, he would gently and without a word, uncross her feet so as […]

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Lean on Me

If you’re having a bad day, join the crowd!  Apparently, we all have lots of them. According to CBS local news, a poll sponsored by Freeletics reveals that the average American is “stressed out, upset, or just cranky” about 60 days a year!  Not surprisingly, that sport and lifestyle company’s solution is more exercise, premised […]


Intentionality is instilled, not installed

Cell phones can be addictive.  This is not fake news. More and more we are learning that cellphone addiction is real, not just perception.  That reality, we now know, is by design, not just a by-product of popularity. Techies are telling us of their own complicity in creating the “persuasive designs” that modify behavior by […]


Social media does not breed perfect idiots

A clash of recent news stories suggests the ambivalent power of social media. First came the CBS Philly report that “a study looking at college students from 1989 to 2016 found that the personality traits that label someone a ‘perfectionist’ have risen dramatically in recent years.’ Then came the national news story about the poisonous […]