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Be not afraid of media

This week the Church celebrated for the first time the liturgical memorial of Saint John Paul II.  His signature saying – “Be not afraid!” – reverberates in a world ever in need of hope.  The bold opening to his first Encyclical remains the point of departure for that faith that inspires our hope:  “The Redeemer […]

Media mania about marriage

Pope Francis has gotten what he wanted!  At the opening of the current Synod of Bishops, he asked that the participants speak with boldness (biblical parrhesia) and listen with humility.  Now it seems everyone outside the Synod is speaking boldly, too. The summary report (relatio post disceptationem) has evoked claims on the progressive left of […]

Yik Yak Yuck

Another social media app is making big news (thanks to social media!).  The headlines are haunting, but in the often unthinking world of social communications, lots of news means lots of interest. Yik Yak – an outrageously popular messaging app that aims “to create a feed of what people are saying, thinking and doing around […]

Angels to the aid of family

As is tradition, the theme for World Communications Day was made known on the Feast of the Archangels (September 29).  With the mighty ministrations of heavenly messengers, the theme appears to have a celestial character while it focuses on a profound human reality. Today, that theme – “Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter […]

Sharing the faith every minute of the day

It’s billed as a “worldwide event with local presence and global reach across five continents.”  With 1,000 events, led by 3,000 speakers in 11 cities around the world, the theme of Social Media Week is readily apparent: we’re always on, always connected. The celebratory week captures the reality that Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli described at […]