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The Pope’s Revolution

“The pope and the communications revolution one year later” is the subtitle of a new book by the director of Vatican Radio. After reviewing all of the Pope’s interactions with journalists, Massimo Enrico Milone  argues that, while the message is in continuity with previous popes, the modality, style, and objectives are revolutionary. Below are six […]

The power of story-telling

With this week’s change of liturgical seasons, we conclude our series on Fr. Antonio Spadaro’s challenges to pastoral work and evangelization in the age of digital communications. For Spadaro, the fifth challenge for evangelization today is to move from ideas to story-telling. He points out that in the digital world, communication happens by way of […]

The “Mystique” of Living Together

Black Friday, the commercial high holy day in the USA, evokes excitement and horror, the promise of good shopping deals and the specter of unbridled materialism.  But somewhere in-between, there’s got to be room to spread the Gospel! (image: Not unlike a crowded mall, the digital world also gives space to the chaos of […]

The Challenge of Spreading Joy

In just three days we mark the first anniversary of the apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis on “The Joy of the Gospel.”  Spreading that Joy of the Good News (properly understood) is the task of evangelization.  To do this well, let’s consider Fr. Antonio Spadaro’s third challenge to pastoral work in the digital world, namely, […]

Another digital challenge

Continuing our dialogue with Antonio Spadaro, S.J. about digital challenges to evangelization, let’s consider the second shift he proposes:  the need to move from content-centered to person-centered pastoral work. In our online world, content is there.  In fact, it’s everywhere!  Stored in a cloud and transmitted wirelessly, digital content is orbital, swirling around us continually.  […]

Digital challenges for pastoral work

“What will spirituality be for those persons whose modus cogitandi is going through a ‘mutation’ because they dwell in the digital environment?” It’s an intriguing and alarming question, posed by Fr. Antonio Spadaro, S.J., author of Cybertheology.  In a recent conference to European bishops, he outlined six “challenges” for the Church’s pastoral work that arise […]