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Seeing is …

If you said “believing” to fill in the title, you’d be correct!  But when it comes to religious “seeing” as inspired by art, that believing is much more than merely a sensory confirmation of something thought or proposed. Consider statues. Some may see them as relics of a religious past, remnants of a bygone age […]


Words are not neutral

Pope Francis recently wrote the preface to a new book by Bishop Nunzio Galantino called Vivere le parole: Per un vocabolario dell’esistenza (To Live Words: For a Vocabulary of Existence). The book is marketed as filling the “urgent need to penetrate words and live them more deeply,” especially “in times of hyper-information yet scorching non-communication […]


Why some church pews are empty

The PEW researchers have once again taken to studying the state of life in the pews.  In a national snapshot released just this month, they presented the findings from a study of why Americans go (and don’t go) to religious services. The most popular reason given for the absence came from those who said, “I […]


Moralosis misdiagnosed

A new contagion has been identified.  It appears to have broken out already in Ireland.  It’s poised to break out in California. “Moralosis” is its name. In an engaging commentary, John Waters defines this virus as “an attempt to separate the ‘moral issues’ from the core of Christianity.”  He sees the effects of this disease […]


A God for all ages

How old is God?  Eternal, you might say.  But Pope Francis has another idea. For many, God is a being the concept of whom is too abstract to picture.  Sacred Scripture acknowledges that “no one has ever seen God” (John 1:18; 1 John 4:12).  Biblical narratives of an encounter with the first Person of the […]

John 8-32

Steps we can take to “remain” free

In a recent homily, one of our deacons publicly announced a literary lacuna on this blog site!  He told the congregation he could not find any post that offered “five easy steps” to put into practice the Gospel teaching in which Jesus proclaims that “the truth will set you free.” It’s good to know SemCasual […]