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The misery of technology

Black Friday is now behind us.  So, too, is the Year of Mercy.  Not that they have anything in common!  Or do they? For the former, special savings seem to produce a shopper’s high strong enough to counteract the tryptophan-induced drowsiness that comes from eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving (myth though that may be).  […]

Theology in the news

Literally.  This week saw a spate of newspaper stories in which, it seems, theological dialogue is now taking place in published interviews rather than in academic journals or church documents. Varying voices express continuing concern about Amoris Laetitia, the apostolic exhortation from Pope Francis on love in the family. First came the “dubia” – a […]

Digital works of mercy

The Jubilee Year presses on toward its finale later this month. In the meantime, Pope Francis urges us, by word and example, to put mercy into practice.  He speaks about it at general and special audiences.  He practices it in his “Fridays of Mercy” visits to folks on the peripheries.  He quotes it on Twitter […]

A Communications Dragnet

We could use old Joe Friday again. He was the iconic police detective in the Dragnet entertainment franchise.  Each show in the series used to open with a promise: the story you are about to hear (or see) is true.  Joe Friday would always get to the truth.  Along the way his mantra was not-at-all […]

Trust and hope for history

As is customary on the feast of the archangels, yesterday the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication announced the theme of the next World Day of Social Communications, to be celebrated on May 28, 2017. With reference to a core biblical belief – “Fear not, for I am with you” (Isa 43:5) – the next annual celebration […]

News about news

When the news is about the news, it’s probably a slow news day! Except at the Vatican, where there were two such stories this week.  Neither one is a real “flash,” but both have something worth considering. The first is that Pope Francis gave another talk.  That’s not exactly news!  But this talk was to […]