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LENT online

“Whom Do You Follow?” is the leading question in a recent article on Christian life in the age of social media. Its conclusion rightly asserts that “We must not allow social media to become an object of obsession (with ourselves), but explore how it can help us to authentically share and participate in God’s love.” […]

A Sunday Valentine

Tomorrow is the day for those in love. Happy Valentine’s Day! And so is the day after tomorrow. Every Sunday celebrates divine love – the love of God for us commemorated in the words and deeds of human salvation, and the love of God by us which we express through words of worship. Of the […]

Hanging out with Pope Francis

Had I ever told my mother that I was going to “hang out with the pope,” the answer no doubt would have been, “don’t you sass me, young man!” My how times have changed! Yesterday, in the second Google+ Hangout live from the Vatican, young men and women from various parts of the world really […]

Communication as Visitation

Pope Francis’ annual Message for World Communications Day was published last week on the feast of St. Francis de Sales. Its focus – “Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love” – fits right in with the upcoming World Meeting in Philadelphia and the next Synod of Bishops in Rome. […]

The Courage of Simplicity

He said what?! That question is asked whenever Pope Francis speaks “off script.” He does this in his homilies at the Casa Santa Marta, which the Vatican describes as “daily meditations” so as to distinguish them from formal teachings. He does this in interviews with newspaper reporters, though these are usually reviewed prior to publication. […]

The Faces of Francis

The sagacious Vaticanista, John Allen, recently wrote about the power of the media’s narrative in shaping people’s perception of Pope Francis. “He’s seen as a peace-loving advocate for the poor and downtrodden, as well as a maverick reformer steering Catholicism in a broadly progressive direction.” (NOTE: John Allen is coming to Saint Charles Seminary on […]