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The Vicar’s Visage

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words.  Not always. But at least as many words have been used to comment on the pope’s seemingly dour countenance in his meeting with the U.S. president.  Past photos from comparable state visits have been posted to suggest a contrarian, if not downright sinister, take on this […]


Phigiting in Church

Troublesome toddlers are routine fodder for commentary on church-going etiquette.  Should they have a place in the pew or be sequestered for the peace of the rest of the congregation?  Is their crying out loud a distraction that creates angst for parents and pray-ers, or a sublime disclosure of the divine voice, as Pope Francis […]


Home in the Kingdom

As campaigns go, this one appears to be gaining traction.  It makes multi-faceted use of eye-catching visuals.  It claims to be non-partisan and non-sectarian, which makes it appealing to anyone and everyone.  Best of it, it simply supports a fundamental tenet of humanism; after all, who would publicly oppose the proposition and, instead, clamor to […]

Pope Francis gives the homily during the ordination Mass for 19 new priests in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican April 26. In his homily, the pope told the new priests to make sure their homilies were not boring. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See POPE-ORDAIN April 27, 2015.

Words ARE necessary

You’ve probably heard some variation on the saying from St. Francis of Assisi:  “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use words.”  Whether that ascription is true or not, most folks grasp the meaning of the directive. Actually, more folks get it than one might think.  So says a recent Gallup poll that […]


Reprinting the legend

The sacred season is now upon us.  Granted, the real Holy Week of the year is still ten days away.  But the other high holy days took place this week.  Baseball is back! But even there the phenomenon of “fake news” seems to be at work.  Case in point: Ty Cobb. Everyone knows his story.  […]

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Watch how you walk!

Television viewers in the 80’s will recognize the iconic phrase from the show Hill Street Blues.  Those were always the final words to the police shift’s roll call. Now it’s a call also being made to people on the streets. A report released this week by the Associated Press notes a spike in pedestrian deaths […]