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Social Communications and the Family

At Saint Charles Seminary’s inaugural Cardinals’ Forum earlier this week, we enjoyed a lively discussion on the vocation and mission of the family.  With reference to communications, I suggested that the family would benefit from a new viewpoint! Digital technology is much more than newfangled technological gadgetry. It serves as our culture’s “connective tissue” or […]

The New Pilgrim’s Journey

According to Wikipedia, “In the early 21st century the numbers of people of all faiths making pilgrimages has continued to rise, with 39 of the most popular sites alone receiving an estimated 200 million visitors every year.” This September in Philly may add 1-2 million to that total! The numbers flocking to the City of […]

How to Hear Pope Francis: A Guide

With preparations ramping up for the papal visit, much of the attention has centered on concerns about security and transportation.  But the real focal point of this apostolic journey are the speeches Pope Francis will make at various sites.  It would help, then, to know how to hear what he will say. Not all do!  […]

A mountaintop experience in Center City

When Peter, James, and John accompanied Jesus onto Mt. Tabor to experience the Transfiguration, their reactions were understandable. There we see interesting parallels to what we expect to happen when Pope Francis visits center city Philadelphia next month! Seeing the vision of the bedazzled Jesus along with Elijah and Moses, Peter exclaimed “it is good […]

Let’s not denigrate dignity

One of the chief complaints about social media is the danger of anonymity. It’s easy to fabricate a profile. It’s common to “speak” there in ways that would not occur in face-to-face conversations. It’s a fact that negativity outweighs positivity in online commentary. As a result, polarization may well be “the dominant story of political […]

Drawing the line on digital technology

Commentary on Pope Francis’ new encyclical is currently underway. Appreciation of it will take more time.  For now let me add but one thought, on just one paragraph. First, the context. Chapter one paints a picture of “what is happening to our common home.” Its fourth part delineates the “decline in the quality of human […]