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The Courage of Simplicity

He said what?! That question is asked whenever Pope Francis speaks “off script.” He does this in his homilies at the Casa Santa Marta, which the Vatican describes as “daily meditations” so as to distinguish them from formal teachings. He does this in interviews with newspaper reporters, though these are usually reviewed prior to publication. […]

The Faces of Francis

The sagacious Vaticanista, John Allen, recently wrote about the power of the media’s narrative in shaping people’s perception of Pope Francis. “He’s seen as a peace-loving advocate for the poor and downtrodden, as well as a maverick reformer steering Catholicism in a broadly progressive direction.” (NOTE: John Allen is coming to Saint Charles Seminary on […]

The wisdom of desire

The new year begins with a prayer for world peace (Jan 1) and a visit from the wise ones (Jan 6) who know that true peace is found in the birth of the Christ-child. The three who came from the East followed not only a heavenly star but a heartfelt desire – to see for […]

The Power of the Crèche

“Let us draw near the crèche, where ‘a great light’ dawns …” With these words Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) begins a meditation on Christmas. With this post, we share some of his vision, as enlightened also by Fr. Antonio Spadaro in Civiltà Cattolica. To meditate on this mystery is to place ourselves in the […]

How the pope says “Merry Christmas”

From headline hype to online commentary, many have missed the mark about Pope Francis’ Christmas greetings to the Roman Curia. The media message (even from pro-Church outlets) is designed to grab attention with the depiction of a pope who supposedly “chides” or “blasts” or “attacks” his own staff with a “blistering rebuke” directed at “greedy […]

Awake … open … speak!

Rudolph, Charlie Brown, Clarence the angel … these are just some of the beloved characters that come home to us each holiday season via television. And even though we no longer hear his melodic voice, the pioneering work of John Cardinal Foley in television allows us to partake of the liturgical beauty of the Christmas […]