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Digital Mindset

Another academic year has begun at colleges and universities, and seminaries, too.  With it comes the annual publication, thanks to Beloit College, of the “mindset list” for the incoming freshmen. First created in 1998, the annual list reveals those things that members of the Class of 2020 (born in 1998) have always known and/or never […]


It’s not just a library thing anymore.  “Shushing” is going digital. Beginning next week, NPR joins the ranks of other major digital news outlets in no longer permitting online comments about their stories.  According to the managing editor’s announcement, the reason for discontinuing the practice is “to prioritize and strengthen other ways of building community […]

Eat, Pray, Love revisited

The 2006 memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, which remained on the New York Times best seller list for more than three-and-a-half years is hardly a devotional classic, even with Oprah’s endorsement.  It garnered additional popularity in movie form, starring Julia Roberts.  But the tale and its telling were also beset with stinging criticism. Still, the title […]

Millennials, come home

Just in time for the summer holidays, new evangomercialsTM are calling out to today’s prodigal young. It’s not that they’ve squandered all they have on dissolute living – as the character in the biblical parable had done.  Nor are they so desperate for food that they feed themselves with the husks of what the animals […]

Judgmental religion

Fueled by the ease of social media use – where posts become pronouncements and images incite sympathy – the religion “wars” rage on. It didn’t take very long for the tragedy in Orlando to turn to rants about religion.  Pundits of every kind, and many with no expertise, have opined about the connection between faith […]

And the Word was made graphic

“The Bible Translated into Emoticons” is an attempt – full-hearted but fool-hardy – to rewrite the Sacred Scriptures in a new language prevalent in digital media. The author, Kamran Kastle, created a Kickstarter campaign to fund this funky initiative which he hopes will get more people to read the Bible, “particularly teenagers and children.”  To-date, […]