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Building bridges online

Remember the Alamo! … because it’s being overrun by college students! Well, not really.  But in San Antonio, Texas young adults are currently taking their own stand.  With a squad of inspiring guest speakers, and fortified by worship, SEEK 2017 is banding together in fellowship Catholic university students from across the nation. To that spiritually […]

Then, now, always

Some may purchase it, but most won’t “buy” it! This year’s seasonal novelty is the Hipster Nativity set.  It’s being peddled as “making perfect sense for today’s millennials.” The new scene presents a holy family who went to Whole Foods, magi bearing gifts from Amazon, animals feeding from a gluten-free trough, and a solar-heated stable.  […]

Immersed in Christmas

It may not fit easily on Santa’s sleigh, but the Emperor 1510 Workstation promises “maximum productivity and complete techno-immersion.”  It’s just one of a number of ridiculously expensive digital toys that are high on every tech geek’s wish list. If only the Foley Chair in Social Communications looked so cool and had such power! Actually […]

The “gift” of new media

“The voice of Christmas” went silent five years ago this Sunday, when John Cardinal Foley went home to the Lord.  Known to the English-speaking world from the sacred sounds of Christmas Mass at the Vatican, for which he served as the translator, “His Foleyness” played an instrumental role in bringing new media into the Church […]

The misery of technology

Black Friday is now behind us.  So, too, is the Year of Mercy.  Not that they have anything in common!  Or do they? For the former, special savings seem to produce a shopper’s high strong enough to counteract the tryptophan-induced drowsiness that comes from eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving (myth though that may be).  […]

Theology in the news

Literally.  This week saw a spate of newspaper stories in which, it seems, theological dialogue is now taking place in published interviews rather than in academic journals or church documents. Varying voices express continuing concern about Amoris Laetitia, the apostolic exhortation from Pope Francis on love in the family. First came the “dubia” – a […]