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Millennials, come home

Just in time for the summer holidays, new evangomercialsTM are calling out to today’s prodigal young. It’s not that they’ve squandered all they have on dissolute living – as the character in the biblical parable had done.  Nor are they so desperate for food that they feed themselves with the husks of what the animals […]

Judgmental religion

Fueled by the ease of social media use – where posts become pronouncements and images incite sympathy – the religion “wars” rage on. It didn’t take very long for the tragedy in Orlando to turn to rants about religion.  Pundits of every kind, and many with no expertise, have opined about the connection between faith […]

And the Word was made graphic

“The Bible Translated into Emoticons” is an attempt – full-hearted but fool-hardy – to rewrite the Sacred Scriptures in a new language prevalent in digital media. The author, Kamran Kastle, created a Kickstarter campaign to fund this funky initiative which he hopes will get more people to read the Bible, “particularly teenagers and children.”  To-date, […]

Parents beware … and be wary

Last week’s blog considered anxiety as an affliction of the young.  This week’s looks to desperation as a potential downfall for the old, at least those who are parents. Screenagers is a new documentary about growing up in the digital age.  In this film, a mom who is also a physician “probes into the vulnerable […]

Sedition in the soul

Something is terribly wrong. ANXIETY. Not just worry.  Not just concern.  But physically and/or mentally sickening anxiety. Perhaps this week of final examinations at the end of the semester exacerbates normal nervousness.  But never before have I encountered so many college students who claim to suffer from anxiety (whether clinically proven or not.) I know […]


It must be big – it has its own hashtag! The 50th World Communications Day takes place this year on Sunday, May 8th.  This is the only “world day” called for by the Second Vatican Council and is celebrated in most countries on the Sunday before Pentecost. Each year a theme is announced on the […]