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The Soul’s Eye

Two recent news items point to interesting links between the digital and the human. In one, scientists propose that the popularity of Internet stories correlated with their appeal to human emotions.  What makes videos go viral?  According to the latest research, it’s not the use of clever computer algorithms but the ability to capture high-arousal […]

World Cup and World Media

Neither sentence nor clause nor phrase, two words have recently captured the world’s attention:  “Because Fútbol.”  After 62 matches over 30 days, the World Cup competition is now down to its final two teams, but its fan base far exceeds the citizens of Argentina and Germany. Sports, in general, and international competitions, in particular, have […]


Sunny California was the place to be for some 35 scholars from around the world — including the John Cardinal Foley Chair — who gathered this week to consider the impact of digital technologies on theological reflection. Taking place in the Silicon Valley, the third annual forum featured cutting-edge questions and penetrating discussions: Might Facebook […]

Google vs. God

In the Wall Street Journal, Christine Rosen recently asked whether Google is replacing God.  Someone who holds the position of “Future Tense Fellow” at a foundation is certainly poised to pose such a query!  Her essay focused on a recent report in MIT Technology Review that posits a negative correlation between Internet use and religious […]

Unsocial Rants

World Communications Day took place on June 1 with a variety of international activities.  Given this year’s theme for the annual celebration – “communications at the service of an authentic culture of encounter” – a news story less than a week later is particularly disturbing. The June 7 story is about a pending decision in […]