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Polls, Pews, and the Catholic Pulse

Has Pope Francis quickened the pulse of the Church? His name has been associated with new directions, but has he made any real difference? The latest PEW research, conducted in February on a national scale, points to high favorability rating (90%) among a broad-based sample. But it did not address whether popularity has led more […]

The free-spirited pope

In last week’s post, I highlighted a new book – The Francis Miracle, by John Allen, Jr.  In the 2015 John Cardinal Foley Lecture and in an article about the book, Allen explains that the title refers to the dramatic change in personality between Cardinal Bergoglio and Pope Francis. Allen quotes the Holy Father as […]

Francis, the adjective

Today the world (and not just the Church) celebrates the second anniversary of the election of Pope Francis. Expect to see numerous stories, analyses, and commentaries about the septuagenarian sensation. Professional and amateur Vaticanistas will opine about visions and inspirations, as well as priorities and policies, all in the hope of figuring out and/or further […]

LENT online

“Whom Do You Follow?” is the leading question in a recent article on Christian life in the age of social media. Its conclusion rightly asserts that “We must not allow social media to become an object of obsession (with ourselves), but explore how it can help us to authentically share and participate in God’s love.” […]

A Sunday Valentine

Tomorrow is the day for those in love. Happy Valentine’s Day! And so is the day after tomorrow. Every Sunday celebrates divine love – the love of God for us commemorated in the words and deeds of human salvation, and the love of God by us which we express through words of worship. Of the […]

Hanging out with Pope Francis

Had I ever told my mother that I was going to “hang out with the pope,” the answer no doubt would have been, “don’t you sass me, young man!” My how times have changed! Yesterday, in the second Google+ Hangout live from the Vatican, young men and women from various parts of the world really […]