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Fandoms v Christianity

The notion of “fandoms,” while by no means a new concept, is being defined more recently in a broad manner. There are fandoms for practically — almost literally — every conceivable work of fiction: television shows, movies, video games and game franchises, comic books, and novels. It could be said that there are fandoms for […]

4106_D023_00001_R_CROPLily James stars as Elizabeth Layton and Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in director Joe Wright's DARKEST HOUR, a Focus Features release.Credit:  Jack English / Focus Features

“Darkest Hour” and the Power of Words

I went to see Darkest Hour recently. As a captivating piece of cinema, it is superb. Gary Oldman turns in a masterful performance as Winston Churchill, with a fine cast supporting him like spokes on a bicycle wheel. I couldn’t believe that two hours had passed when the movie ended: I could have easily done another 45 […]

Want to change the world? Make your bed!

OK, OK!  If you’re a seminarian from Saint Charles Seminary reading this post, you’re saying to yourself, “OK, Deacon Brandon… what gives?!  We’ve heard this when Father Dailey preached during Forty Hours!”  Yes, it’s true.  HOWEVER, on the recommendation of Father Redcay, the pastor at my diaconate assignment, I picked up a copy of Admiral […]


Someone has to make the call

As the summer season plays on, the technological imperative grows stronger.  That’s the belief – really an assumption – that if things can be done better by machines (i.e., more speedily, efficiently, or effectively), then they should be. It’s the conviction underlying AI, whose “artificial” nomenclature belies the real source of a machine’s “intelligence,” namely […]


Angry Atheists and Closed-minded Christians

“Debates” about God’s existence between famous atheists and theists must take up half of all videos on YouTube. There’s hundreds of videos, each with millions of views, and I think that there’s two common threads in most of them: 1. the atmosphere of the “debates” is intense – there’s a lot of anger and hurt […]