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Angry Atheists and Closed-minded Christians

“Debates” about God’s existence between famous atheists and theists must take up half of all videos on YouTube. There’s hundreds of videos, each with millions of views, and I think that there’s two common threads in most of them: 1. the atmosphere of the “debates” is intense – there’s a lot of anger and hurt […]


What HBO Knows That Pro-Lifers Don’t

Growing up Catholic, being Pro-Life was just natural. In church, we were told that life begins at conception, and that it’s not OK to “abort” (which is really just a euphemism for “kill”) a baby. On top of it being breathed into me by Catholicism, I never came across a good logical reason to refute […]

Pope Francis Instagram profile


All things Irish will no doubt be the photographic focus on this high holy feast day.  But another’s anniversary could also be celebrated. It’s been one year since Pope Francis’s first post on Instagram.  His simple message coincided with the devotional image that remains as his profile (above):  “Pray for me.”  His profoundly human and […]


Dust in the wind

At that risk of dating myself, I couldn’t help but to borrow the title from a popular old song.  The “moment” in the song refers to a lifetime, but it works also for this not-yet first week of Lent. The moment of Ash Wednesday is gone.  Christian foreheads are clear, and clerical thumbs have been […]


A time and place for social media

No, this is not another plea to put away your cell phone!  It goes much farther than that, at least metaphorically speaking. Of being human, philosophers once acknowledged our existential groundedness in space and time.  While in this earthly life, we are limited by these dual realities. Even in our memories and our dreams, everything […]

Changing the World with Silence

I want to pick up on a theme discussed by Marc Barnes over at Patheos about the vague Millennial desire to “change the world.” The feeling he describes (epitomized by the recent women’s march) is probably a conceit of every generation. What he pinpoints as unique is our failure to produce a vision of what […]