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Bishop Edward Deliman

Bishop Edward Deliman: A Priest Forever

Edward Deliman’s office at Saint Charles Borromeo Rectory in Bensalem is where some of his essential pastoral work takes place: preparing homilies, counseling parishioners, holding meetings, and planning for the future of his congregation’s needs. This space is filled with reminders of his greatest influences and his life as a priest, including his parents’ wedding […]


The “gift” of new media

“The voice of Christmas” went silent five years ago this Sunday, when John Cardinal Foley went home to the Lord.  Known to the English-speaking world from the sacred sounds of Christmas Mass at the Vatican, for which he served as the translator, “His Foleyness” played an instrumental role in bringing new media into the Church […]

Living in a Shadow

There are about 150 people at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, all being pulled from different areas of the country and the world. It would be quite rare that a new man entering had a good friend already at the seminary. The chances of having a brother at the seminary are even slimmer. Somehow my brother […]


Sometimes Vocations Do Fall From the Sky

Sometimes vocations do fall from the sky. At least that’s the case for Kyle Mummert. A 1st Lieutenant in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, Mummert has parachuted from the skies more than a dozen times in his career. This past August, though, the Meadville, PA native took a leap of a different kind as he […]

A Bad Week

In the formation process the seminarian is encouraged to take up many of the disciplines of the priest, one of those practices is the daily recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours, or Divine Office. For those of you who don’t know, the Office is a series of five liturgies prayed each day, either alone […]


Top 5 things you don’t know about Seminarians

I’m Normal   Whenever I admit to someone I meet that I’m a seminarian (and assuming that they know what that means), a picture of what my life is like immediately jumps into their mind. By and large that picture is either based on half-truths or is just made-up. No, I don’t live in a […]