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Seeing is …

If you said “believing” to fill in the title, you’d be correct!  But when it comes to religious “seeing” as inspired by art, that believing is much more than merely a sensory confirmation of something thought or proposed. Consider statues. Some may see them as relics of a religious past, remnants of a bygone age […]

Professor Andreas Widmer

Entrepreneurship and Vocation: An Interview with Professor Andreas Widmer

When a person takes his first job, he may not know exactly where it will lead him one day.  At least such was the case with Andreas Widmer, whose experience as a Swiss Guard for Pope Saint John Paul II (and witness to this pope’s tremendous leadership qualities) guided him to be a successful entrepreneur, […]

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John 8-32

Steps we can take to “remain” free

In a recent homily, one of our deacons publicly announced a literary lacuna on this blog site!  He told the congregation he could not find any post that offered “five easy steps” to put into practice the Gospel teaching in which Jesus proclaims that “the truth will set you free.” It’s good to know SemCasual […]


Forgetting to be a Christian

Being at St. Charles, older and more experienced seminarians are always offering advice about how to be a more authentic and discerning seminarian or just how to get through the many years of study and seminarian life. Some advice is certainly worth keeping and every now and then even worth living by. Recently, a long-time […]

Priesthood: Not a Job for the Past

Good Evening! On this night when we gather in support of the Seminary’s mission, I thought it might be helpful to remind ourselves what that mission is. Pope Benedict XVI several years ago wrote a beautiful letter to seminarians around the world. I was not a seminarian yet – I was still an undergraduate at […]

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Finding God in the Mountains

So, there I was, 6:30 in the morning, sitting over one of the kids in my crew in the middle of the backcountry. As I finish praying the last Glory Be of my Rosary, the boy’s eyes open wide and begin to dart around the cabin as he clutches his stomach tighter. As the pain […]