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The Extraordinary Form – Essential?

To answer the question posed in our conversation – namely, Is the Extraordinary Form of the Mass essential to the life of the Church today? – it might be helpful to examine what we mean by essential. On a very basic level, the Church would exist – and did exist for a very long time […]

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Being a Good Christian and a Good Hunter

There is no other feeling like the feeling we get from seizing an opportunity. It’s euphoric, all of the hours of hard work amounting to one moment where everything is on the line of winning or losing. It’s the climax, the split in the road where a major shift takes place. I have had a […]

Three reasons Catholics should not use the term “Illegals”

For Catholics, words are a very important aspect of our faith. God spoke and everything that we see came into being. The Word then became flesh. The words that the priest utters at Mass make Christ present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament. The words we recite at Mass express the deep […]

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Calling out Goat Cheese Evangelization

I attended a new outreach event that the Archdiocese put on at Frankford Hall in Fishtown the other week. Food and beer galore, a packed house, unique music, young priests — it ended up being the place to be for a younger Catholic in the area. It was kicked off by Archbishop with an opening […]


A Lesson in Perseverance from Pope Benedict XVI

As we hear of Pope Emeritus Benedict’s health concerns, I remember when I was able to see him and what I learned. In eighth grade, back in 2009 (I know I’m young), I got to go to Rome with my family for Holy week and attend a few of the liturgies which Benedict celebrated. As […]