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The Hardest Part of Being a Seminarian

When I was on my CRS trip we had Mass with the Apostolic Nuncio of Lebanon Gabriele Giordano Caccia and he put his finger on something that I had been thinking a lot about this past year when he explained the relationship between knowledge and belief. It seems to me most people don’t really know […]

Why Should We Try Not to Sin? (Millennial Question #1)

If God is all-forgiving, why should we try not to sin, since we know he’ll forgive us no matter what we do? [Ed. note: This is the first in a project I’m calling “Searching for Reality: Questions Millennials Ask Their Seminarian Friend.” I will attempt to answer as many of these as possible in the […]


Integrare Sacerdos: To Make the Priest Whole

It takes a real man to be a Catholic priest—and I don’t mean that in the stoic, chest-beating sense. What I mean is that the Catholic priesthood authentically engages all of what it means to be a man. The priesthood builds upon the natural desires of the masculine heart. Those deep-down, built-in desires are for […]


Blowing up the Internet!

That was actually a thought proposed by a friend of mine.  She’s kidding, of course.  At least, I hope! Actually I’m sure she is, because otherwise her cleverly nostalgic and culturally insightful “old news” feed would disappear.  Besides, I don’t think she means for me to get fired from a job that I just took […]


To pray is to desire

St. Augustine beautifully expresses a principle that is well known to the spiritual masters, namely that desire is essential, in the following words: “For it is your heart’s desire that is your prayer; and if your desire continues uninterrupted, your prayer continues also.” Recently I have been re-reading St. Theresé of Lisieux’s Story of a Soul and I […]