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Home in the Kingdom

As campaigns go, this one appears to be gaining traction.  It makes multi-faceted use of eye-catching visuals.  It claims to be non-partisan and non-sectarian, which makes it appealing to anyone and everyone.  Best of it, it simply supports a fundamental tenet of humanism; after all, who would publicly oppose the proposition and, instead, clamor to […]


A time and place for social media

No, this is not another plea to put away your cell phone!  It goes much farther than that, at least metaphorically speaking. Of being human, philosophers once acknowledged our existential groundedness in space and time.  While in this earthly life, we are limited by these dual realities. Even in our memories and our dreams, everything […]


In Defense of Millennials

Simon Sinek was featured in a video that became wildly popular on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. In his interview, he delineated a number of things about Millennials that all Millennials (if we’re honest) know are true. Things like Millennials were constantly told that they were “special,” and told that “they could have anything […]