The Common Core Curriculum & Catholic Schools

On March 25, 2013, Crisis Magazine broke a riveting article expressing the relationship between the Gates Foundation and the Common Core Curriculum.

The publication highlights the well-known philanthropy of the Gates Foundation in population control using contraception, forced sterilization and abortion. For example:

United Nations Population Fund honored Gates with their prestigious Population Fund award since the Gates Foundation has donated more than one billion dollars to “family-planning” groups including the United Nations Population Fund itself; CARE International—an organization which is lobbying for legalized abortion in several African nations; Save the Children—a major promoter of the population control agenda, the World Health Organization—an organization that forcibly sterilized thousands of women in the 1990s under the pretence of providing tetanus vaccination services in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines; and of course, the major abortion provider, International Planned Parenthood Federation. – Crisis Magazine

The same person, Bill Gates, has donated $76 million dollars to create core curriculum for public and private schools across the country. According to Kathy Mears, the National Catholic Education Association’s executive director for elementary education, this common core standard curriculum is being implemented by 100 dioceses across the country. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia appears to be one of them.

Since the Gates Foundation clearly promotes a culture of death, do Catholic schools subtly risk compromising their education standards by accepting curriculum paid for and promoted by Bill Gates?

Conspiracy Against Life

John Paul II in his encyclical, The Gospel of Life, states clearly the twentieth century faced “systematically programmed threats” against life, carried out by “false teachers” in the name of “solidarity.” He wrote:

As I emphatically stated at Denver, on the occasion of the Eighth World Youth Day, “with time the threats against life have not grown weaker…. they are scientifically and systematically programmed threats… False prophets and false teachers have had the greatest success”.15Aside from intentions, which can be varied and perhaps can seem convincing at times, especially if presented in the name of solidarity, we are in fact faced by an objective “conspiracy against life”, involving even international Institutions, engaged in encouraging and carrying out actual campaigns to make contraception, sterilization and abortion widely available. – Paragraph 17

Probably the fastest way to change public opinion is to systematically reeducate our youth. Designing, producing and funding educational resources may be the easiest way to ensure international institutions encourage their culture of death philosophy, which then stays engrained in American society. It is a subtly threat in the name of solidarity.

Maybe we have adopted the Gates educational philosophy too quickly.

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  1. You are right, Jason. It is the “poison in the apple”.

  2. Robert W. Boyce, Captain USNavy (ret) May 3, 2013 at 2:18 pm Reply

    Well stated that we are often quick to endorse a program because it is sponsored by someone with a strong reputation for helping in this case education. It is so essential that our Catholic Press and other media fully vette initiatives and provide the full story.

  3. I am very disturbed by this Common Core. I don’t understand why the Catholic schools would adopt this untried, controversial program. The Catholic church started the school system, we are known for our educational successes. The rest of the country should be following us not the other way around.

    I also question how this all came about so quickly? It usually takes the Catholic church ages to accept anything that is new. Why this rush to embrace something established and paid for by a couple who regularly support that which we believe to be intrinsically evil???

  4. I couldnt agree more, I am really considering removing my children from the Catholic Schools here in Kansas. it just makes me SICK!! I am working on trying to get it defunded here in Kansas. Everyone needs to be writing lettters to the bishops and calling our legislators!! we have seen what they have done with healhcare now we are letting them into our schools. GOD HELP US!

  5. If you have a good principal take the issue to them in case they are not yet aware of what is included in the curriculum. There are good solid principals as well as the progressive type. It would help to garner the support of good principals who would also voice their objections to our Bishops.

  6. Looking for New Yorkers statewide!! We are needing help in spreading the word engaging other parents about the Common Core Agenda. If you live in New York State (anywhere in the 62 counties that make up the Empire State) please take a moment to look at the website we have created for everyone’s There is a FB group page: Stop Common Core in New York. Come join us to promote education and awareness for the agenda that is attached to the Common Core State Standards Initiative… It’s NOT what you think. We now have 23 counties in New York State represented, is your county one of them? Come and see. Parents need to start waking up and taking the time out to learn, read and understand. This is YOUR child’s future and their future should not be for anyone else but their OWN!!

  7. This is ridiculous. Are we going to remove all of the PCs and Microsoft based programs from our computers too? Are we going to tell our trachers to turn in their blackberries and androids? Are we going to stop providing any resource to our students if it doesn’t come from a Catholic? No, absolutely not. We are going to give our students the best we have to offer. And that, my fellow Catholics, is our faith. Stop worrying about the source of your resources and start focusing on the people you are getting those resources for.

    • Robert W. Boyce, Captain USNavy (ret) May 7, 2013 at 11:22 am Reply

      The issue is the essence of the curriculum that is proposed and not material resources. Please look at the actual curriculum and reconsider your approach.

  8. This is no surprize! Priests in most parishes no longer worship God. They seem to worship two things, the almighty dollar bill & gov’t credientials. The bishops hob-nob with Catholic politicians who are pro-abortion and, at the same time, espouse the pro-life agenda. Priests aren’t available to parishioners dealing with a crisis. My husband posed a question to a priest about his availability to a fictional pregnant 15 year old & the cold business-like atmosphere of the office staff. His response was no girl would ever come for help & he was busy with meetings and such. Catholic schools, generally, are just an arm of public schools. Most parents put their children there to keep them away from the “problems” in the public schools and to get their kids

  9. into a good college. In the past month I finally left the Church and not because of a change in belief. I would say that priests actually pushed me out. I have seen anti-semitism & anti-black comments from priests lately. I have seen seminarians demand public money for the poor from gov’t officials. They don’t seem to realize that that makes taxes increase which leaves less money for the Church. That way the Church could help the poor without the gov’t as a middleman. No, I’m not at all surprized that Catholic schools are going to adopt Common Core. I am surprized that Catholic schools haven’t started distributing condoms. After all the public schools do it.

    • Robert W. Boyce, Captain USNavy (ret) May 10, 2013 at 1:22 pm Reply

      Before making such a significant decision I recommend you thoroughly vet your facts and truly discern the total picture.

  10. Could you read the actual facts before you post opinions. People are adding these “non-fiction” text and “data mining” theories and publishing them as if they are facts. 8 Legislatures looked into these myths and found they were untrue. I suggest not getting your info from internet resources and actually asking for a copy of the Common Core Curriculum before you start condemning Catholic Schools for adopting it. We teach our kids to be weary of misinformation on the internet and then we accept it without backing up the facts. 100 Bishops and Archbishops are not just accepting this without doing a great deal of research. Instead of coming at them, why don’t you have them share their sources. I think you would find they are more reliable than your own. Why don’t we try supporting Catholic Schools rather than bashing them. If you continue to spread misinformation do you realize all of the people gossip hurts?

    • All the documented proof is available from original sources on the internet and are exposed in scholarly journals.

  11. Very well stated Misty! I have read the whole thing and you are correct nothing in it states anything about required reading or certain books. There is a recommended book list that they may be referring to but there is also a recommended book list from Scholastic and tons of organizations this is not a part of the common core just some example someone gave that has been taken as fact. A little knowledge can be a bad thing.

  12. Thanks for all the comments. This article is our most popular article on the site, gaining visitors from across the country.

    This is a quote I want to add to this discussions.

    Par. 5 of Dignitas Humanae:

    “Besides, the right of parents are violated, if their children are forced to attend lessons or instructions which are not in agreement with their religious beliefs, or if a single system of education, from which all religious formation is excluded, is imposed upon all. ”

  13. Misty, I would recommend that you read the report “Controlling Education from the Top” published by two Catholic attorneys. This is the link:
    The use of data mining is completely true. States had to agree to participate in this program in order to even compete for the Race to the Top stimulus money. As people in states are learning about this, there has been a lot of backlash and several states have pulled out of inBloom – the database collection company funded by Bill Gates. Also, the requirement that students are taught at least 50% informational or non-fiction text instead of classical literature is also clearly stated. The superintendent of our local Catholic school presented this to the parents at a recent meeting. Our parents are doing a lot of research on common core and are having trouble understanding how our diocese and the Catholic church could align themselves with such an initiative.

  14. Jason, thank you for such an excellent article. Since our local diocese informed the parents with children in our diocesan schools that we would be “adapting” common core, many of us have been very worried. We have been doing a lot of research on the topic and are having trouble understanding how the Catholic church and our diocese could be so willing to align themselves with this initiative. We are trying hard to get it out of our Catholic schools as well as our state. I would highly recommend that you read the following report written by two Catholic attorneys.

    • Anna,

      Thank you! In addition, thank you to everyone for commenting and adding your insights into this topic.

      At some one I will do a follow up, because the common core is such a popular topic on our blog.


      Deacon Jason Buck

  15. I suggest that all of you go to the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative website and download the curriculum and resources that are being pushed out to Catholic educators across the country in the name of Common Core. The NCEA fully supports it- you will be shocked to see what is in their exemplar units and presentations for teachers. It directly goes against Catholic moral and social teaching. But on the surface looks great.

    Then after you read the templates, call your Bishop and school principals first thing Monday morning. We must stop this in our Catholic schools.

  16. Education in the United States is rapidly falling behind those of other countries and our students (of all religions and particularly in low income communities), are not prepared to thrive in our increasingly international world. The Common Core is a set of national, rigorous standards. They are national. State standard quality varies dramatically across our country and places many students, through no fault of there own, at a disadvantage. A set of national standards helps to ensure that a zip code does not determine educational opportunity. They are rigorous. Students deserve an excellent education that is going to challenge them to think critically and build skills they will need to thrive in, and beyond, college. The Common Core pushes students to strive for greater mastery of complex skills that will help them become critical readers, writers, and problem solvers in the real world. The Common Core are STANDARDS, NOT and curriculum. The Common Core does not mandate that particular materials be used, nor does it explicitly ban content. The tools through which schools reach the standards remain at the desecration of local agencies (read: the diocese). The Standards are goals based on skills, not content, and are therefore incapable of pushing an ‘anti-catholic’ agenda. I find it disturbing that many people are so quick to deny a research based program, developed over the course of at least a decade, because Bill Gates donated to it and Bill Gates does not follow the tenants of the Catholic Church. How Catholic is it to play politics with a child’s educational opportunity? Read the standards themselves. Ask yourself “Do I want my child to be able to master this skill?” If the answer is yes, and you have a problem with the material through which your school/teacher is modeling and practicing mastery of the standard, then that is a debate to be had on a more local level, and not a valid reason for throwing out the standard altogether. Don’t lower the bar for your child just because you don’t like one person (foundation), among many, who want to hold them to it.

    • Debbie,

      You bring up some very good issues in this discussion. I really need to write a followup article to each of these comments and try and address them with more research.

      I like your question, “Do I want my child to be able to master this skill?”

      Likewise, your point about education in low income areas is good..

      Here is a question for this debate. “What is the goal of education?”

      Is it developing skill sets, forming virtuous citizens, passing on the faith, going to heaven? etc. This might be the question for the next article.

  17. I am more copncerned with the lowering of standards that Common Core presents. I listened to an interview with Peg Luksik who served in the Department of Education under Reagan. Two things she mentioned that the standard for Mathematics is Algebra I. That is much too low. The standard needs to be Algebra II. I speak with authority here as I majored in math and taught as an adjunct professor at various junior and four-year colleges. She also mentioned in Social Studies when teaching the Gettysburg Address, you only teach to the text and not to the background or historical significance of it. That is unconscionable. It seems to be just another way to dumb down our youth and make them susceptible to nefarious political agendas

    • Common core originated with the concept of upgrading schools that could not create a robust curriculum. Like most attempts at normalizing the result is mediocrity, personal agendas, inaccuracies due to lack of school engagement, etc to create an unacceptable colution. Fix it my being engaged in your schools even after your children have left and force your elected officials to be accountable.


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