Episode 11 – Mind, Body, and Spirit; Lent, Seminary Formation, and President Trump Collide

SemCasual Podcast, bringing you “Seminary Life with a Twist,” where we talk about things that matter to us, Catholic news that you should know about, various theological or philosophical questions, the saint of the upcoming week, and life at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary!

In this week’s episode:

1’45” – Prayers of the second Sunday of Lent
10’41” – Minding Your Mind’s visit to St. Charles
18’21” – Marian Day
19’56” – Alternatives to the BSA – (Nat’l Catholic Reg. – http://bit.ly/2ntXfab)
21’17” – President Trump’s first school visit of his term; its Catholic! – (Nat’l Catholic Reg. – http://bit.ly/2njTmFR)
23’39” – Astronaut Mike Hopkins takes the Eucharist to space – (Nat’l Catholic Reg. – http://bit.ly/2mc3Si2)
26’23” – ‘Friar “Bigotón”‘ finds home in Franciscan monastery – (Nat’l Catholic Reg. – http://bit.ly/2mBCMCN)

*’News’ Sound Effect used with permission from Mansardian, downloaded from freesound.org; all other sounds are public domain.