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Being a Good Christian and a Good Hunter

There is no other feeling like the feeling we get from seizing an opportunity. It’s euphoric, all of the hours of hard work amounting to one moment where everything is on the line of winning or losing. It’s the climax, the split in the road where a major shift takes place.

I have had a seize the moment, type of moment before. Once when I was hunting as a young teenager, my Dad would take my brother and me up to Northern Pennsylvania in order to go deer hunting in the winter. So after practicing my marksmanship and gearing up for the hunt my Dad and I sat in a tree stand for hours waiting for a buck to show itself. The thing with hunting is, the old saying the early bird gets the worm cannot be truer, so everybody was awake before sunrise. As my Dad and I climbed into the tree stand a couple stories high we settled in and waited silently trying our best to become unnoticeable. Time slowly goes by and I am trying my best to not fall asleep while scanning the open area in front of me to see if anything is moving. Between the lack of alertness and lack of change in scenery, I began to get lazy. My head began to bounce up and down almost at the same frequency of my eye lids until there was a moment of clarity when my Dad told me to “Look over there!” So I did and there was a deer walking across the open field. This was my opportunity, all the work, preparation, and waiting for this one moment. In the span of a minute, I had missed both of my shots and watched my opportunity gallop away. For that day I had become a bad hunter.

Even though I was a bad hunter, I can learn from my mistakes and apply them to being a good Christian. Good Christians wait diligently. While waiting for the perfect shot they sharpen themselves with prayer and they stay alert and on the lookout for God to intervene in their lives. Christians courageously seize opportunities placed by God.

However, too often in my own life, I find myself missing shots. Not being able to seize a perfect opportunity. I’ll get asked a question, by someone who desperately needs Jesus in their life, and when I give my answer to dealing with loneliness or how pregnancy isn’t a death sentence, I fall on my face trying to seize this moment. There are worse times when I fearfully back away from an opportunity because it makes me uncomfortable and I choose my wants above others’ needs. Even though I fall, the important part is that my failures don’t decide what my future holds. Going forward, with the support of Jesus and people who care about me, I can wait attentively, pray for courage from God, and act, knowing God is looking after me.

In every Christian life, there are a days or moments where you see God’s hand at work. At that time a moment comes where a decision is needed on our part, would we hop on the opportunity to do what God wants and make a positive difference or would sinking into our own safe haven be a better plan? Just like my hunting story where I missed my opportunity, there have been plenty of times where I have missed being able to help someone get closer to Jesus. But, that does not mean I give up everything and stop trying. There has been a community of support when I miss, our brothers and sisters in Christ and Christ himself are there for us when we fall. We are not alone. Take the shot, be there for others, and go do what God is setting up for you.   

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