Home in the Kingdom

As campaigns go, this one appears to be gaining traction.  It makes multi-faceted use of eye-catching visuals.  It claims to be non-partisan and non-sectarian, which makes it appealing to anyone and everyone.  Best of it, it simply supports a fundamental tenet of humanism; after all, who would publicly oppose the proposition and, instead, clamor to find a home for hate.

With no such sign on his own lawn, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia astutely analyzes the phenomenon of movements like this:

For most people, the campaign’s lawn signs show a laudable concern for the outcast. For others, they’re a simple expression of good will. And for some, they’re also a form of moral preening and of shaming their unenlightened neighbors. In any case, whatever their motive, lawn signs and slogans do not a better nation make. That takes patience, careful thinking, and sustained work—all things that are in short supply in our current, emotivist cultural climate, and things that we need right now.

The hard work of building to which the insightful archbishop refers entails the rigor of constructing a home and a society on the solid foundations of faith.  Without that core material, the structure may stand but it will not last.  Our home, ultimately, is a kingdom, but not one of this world.

Still, it is here in this world that we dwell for now.  It’s here that hate too often rears its ugly presence.  It’s here that hope is needed.

And “here” includes not only the physical locale of houses and neighborhoods, but also the realm of social media where we live and work and interact with others.  Here, too, hate should have no home.  That’s why Pope Francis wisely exhorts the world, in his message for this year’s World Day of Social Communications, to learn to build messages of hope and trust in our time.

To see the blueprints for the pope’s kind of home in the social media neighborhood, join us for the Cardinal Foley Symposium on May 24 at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary.  With a panel of experts, we’ll discuss how to understand and apply the papal message.  Afterward, we will bestow two awards – one to a professional and one to a young adult – for their exemplary work in bringing this theme to life through today’s media.

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