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“Times change … Feelings remain the same.”

So ends the Digital Story of the Nativity, a cleverly creative rendition that makes use of many “new” media to tell anew the ancient tale of the Christmas season, from Annunciation via text message to the Epiphany check-ins via Foursquare.

Digital NativityIt’s a contemporary tribute to the many types of social communications by which “wise men” (and women) interact with and encounter one another in the world today.   And it is fast becoming the way in which we experience God and express faith.

Fifty years ago, Pope Paul VI spoke of how “The mechanical brain comes to the aid of the spiritual brain.”   This year Pope Francis noted that, especially for youth, digital technology “has become a sort of environment of life, to reawaken the insuppressible questions of the heart on the sense of existence and to indicate the way that leads to Him who is the answer, the divine Mercy made flesh, the Lord Jesus.”

Yes, times change.  But the truth of God’s great gift remains the same.  Even via digital media, it’s wise to see in the Christ-child the one who “fully reveals man to man himself and makes his supreme calling clear” (Gaudium et Spes, no. 22).

Watch it and enjoy.  Share it and rejoice.

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