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The Invasion

Perez of the Powers and his troop approached Erech in Mesopotamia, unbeknownst to the demons in the city. Perez looked up at the stars, extremely bright on this night, of all nights. A whole pantheon of false deities shone their lights down on earth, searching the ground for the King of the Universe, who was […]

London shopping

Raging against the holiday

The headline hurts:  “Hate Christmas?” The sub-title offers a response:  “There’s a ‘rage room’ to let out holiday stress.” Utterly ridiculous?!  Or might it be perfectly logical? For just one day (last Monday), Londoners got to experience “Rudolph’s Rage Room.” There, for just $25 (more rage), they could go underground to vent their frustrations at […]

Get more, get merrier?

I just spotted an advertisement for Fios which shows what may be a teenage boy or girl (I cannot tell because the person’s face is covered by a virtual reality headset) staring up at the ceiling, or rather into the virtual world they are in, relaxing in plaid pajamas. And the caption reads: “Get more. […]

What’s the Point of Prayer?

What’s the point of prayer if not to make one feel uncomfortable during a holiday gathering? Sitting at the table as Aunt Denise professes her poorly rehearsed rendition of the Lord’s Prayer. It’s usually enough to make everyone start their own petition to God for mercy. I’ve been asked numerous times by friends and family […]


Immersed in Christmas

It may not fit easily on Santa’s sleigh, but the Emperor 1510 Workstation promises “maximum productivity and complete techno-immersion.”  It’s just one of a number of ridiculously expensive digital toys that are high on every tech geek’s wish list. If only the Foley Chair in Social Communications looked so cool and had such power! Actually […]


O … it’s time to sing

The time is nigh. The day draws near. We have entered the Octave before Christmas. It’s not to be confused with the Octave of Christmas (Dec 25-Jan 1), nor those twelve days of Christmas about which children, and now minions, gleefully sing. No, the Octave before Christmas brings the Advent season to its culmination. For […]