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Understanding Darkness as God’s Wheelhouse

First the scandals of the summer, then New York’s new abortion law, and now with more grand jury reports on the horizon, the forecast for the Church and for society is dark, gloomy, and painful for a long time to come. As Christians, we know that God has triumphed and that God will triumph over […]


Venting Catholic Concerns and Offering Some Hope

The way I see it, everyone that isn’t wearing rose colored glasses can see things are going South pretty quickly. Catholic schools are on a steady decline, people my age can’t be open about being a serious Christians, many parishes aren’t feeding their flock, the government has slowly squeezed the Church for years, and can […]

A Lenten Journey with Dante

I’ve had Dante on my mind recently. I’ve been making my way through the Inferno (a canto per day is my goal – which I don’t always fulfill). I’ve even started writing a short story which features a kind of cameo appearance by Dante (at least in spirit). I was privileged to take a class […]