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Waking Up

How many best friends do we really get in life? Carlos Segovia was born in El Salvador. He never knew his father and was raised along with his two sisters by their single mother, Sandra Lopez. While still very young, Carlos and his family immigrated to the United States and settled in South Central Los […]


The death of discernment

Fear of terror attacks have people around the world scared for their lives. The contagion appears to be a primary cause of the decrease in visitors to Rome and the Vatican as the Year of Mercy begins. The January 6 edition of Charlie Hebdo, marking the first anniversary of the terrorist attack at the satirical […]

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“Heed the Call:” Interview with Bill Rose

     I had the privilege of sitting down with Bill Rose to talk about his film Heed the Call and his production company, Joyful Films, which produced the upcoming film. Heed the Call will be shown at the Festival of Families during the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia later this month with Pope […]


Drawing the line on digital technology

Commentary on Pope Francis’ new encyclical is currently underway. Appreciation of it will take more time.  For now let me add but one thought, on just one paragraph. First, the context. Chapter one paints a picture of “what is happening to our common home.” Its fourth part delineates the “decline in the quality of human […]

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Be not afraid of media

This week the Church celebrated for the first time the liturgical memorial of Saint John Paul II.  His signature saying – “Be not afraid!” – reverberates in a world ever in need of hope.  The bold opening to his first Encyclical remains the point of departure for that faith that inspires our hope:  “The Redeemer […]

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Media mania about marriage

Pope Francis has gotten what he wanted!  At the opening of the current Synod of Bishops, he asked that the participants speak with boldness (biblical parrhesia) and listen with humility.  Now it seems everyone outside the Synod is speaking boldly, too. The summary report (relatio post disceptationem) has evoked claims on the progressive left of […]