The only way out of “Big Little Lies”

Big Little Lies is a new HBO series detailing the drama of a community of grade school moms in Monterey which is the epitome of a paradise. Everyone’s rich, powerful, beautiful, and have way too much time on their hands. It’s the lives that HBO seems to think that everyone wants. Everyone wants an ocean view from their kitchen, to drive their kid to school in an Audi, and to gossip with the other parents about the latest he-said-she-said.

But the series showcases the diabolical dysfunction and seriously twisted lives of the families lying right underneath the surface. Ex-husbands, rogue teenagers, marriage blow-ups, and not to mention the whole series is about figuring out which parent killed another at a school fundraiser. To top it all off though—and this is as bad as it can get—one of the moms’ kids is the product of a rape.

To bring something as horrifying as rape onto the scene makes the series hard to watch, honestly. But with that being said, the whole thing is hard to watch. The viciousness of these moms and the twisted family dynamics make you grateful for the house you grew up in. More to it though, it makes me grateful that I’m a Christian.

Christianity is the only religion that has as its centerpiece a gross display of evil: The Crucifix. It’s the only way to begin to address the problem of evil. Unless God has truly assumed a human nature and transformed the dysfunction of the world, pain is meaningless, hate burgeons, and evil wins.

And that’s the thing about the Cross: it defeats evil by conquering sin. It’s been said that if you want to escape from suffering be a Buddhist, but if you want to escape from sin be a Christian. You see, at the heart of the evil, at the heart of all that bothers us in this world is a distortion of the way things should be. God made things to work in a certain way and when we break that (when we sin) it bothers us, deeply.

Watching Big Little Lies made me realize how twisted sin is, and how much better life is without it. This time of Lent should be about turning away from sin and turning to the Cross, asking our God to turn our defective lives into lives of faith, hope, and love. The humility of asking for Grace is the only way out of the evil in our lives and in our world, and it’s also the only way out for the world of Big Little Lies.

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